About the Weekend of Service

North Coast Church shut down for the weekend of April 27-28 to mobilize a workforce of 9,000 volunteers on 250 projects that generated an estimated $1.5 million in community improvements throughout North County.

The Weekend of Service is North Coast’s bi-annual effort to unleash compassion in the surrounding community in big and tangible ways. Projects include renovations at dozens of public schools and community centers, skilled repairs at homeless shelters and non-profit facilities, a gigantic garage sale outreach and a talent show to entertain seniors with dementia in assisted living.

Here are some cool facts from the 2013 Weekend of Service:

  • We had 7,924 adults and 1,190 kids (age 14 & under) fill 9,114 spots at 101 sites (250 projects).
  • We shredded 3,000 lbs. of material (1.5 tons). The enviromental savings from the paper recylcing are as follows: 26 trees, 570 gallons of oil, 5.5 cubic yards of landfill space, 6,000 kilwatts of energy, 10,500 gallons of water and 90 pounds of air polution.
  • We collected and environmentally disposed of 14,991 pounds of eWaste.
  • We had 3,723 people come through the garge sale gate and we gave away 600 hotdogs to the people waiting in line for over 2 hours.